The invisible services

3-channel video installation, 4:10’, Mini-DV

The fair hostess moves within the invisible interface of corporate identity. Product marketing and customer needs. The desires of most male customers often have erotic motivations.

Their looks and gestures apparently embody a perfect interface for male customers. If you look more closely, their clear boredom is apparent in the absurdity of the situation of the discussion.

The documentary-like recording of the project The Invisible Services was filmed at the Car, Boat and Leisure Trade Fair in Hanover, at the VW stand.

The work is a 3 channel video installation, each looping 4:10 minutes. The center video is a moving video image with the original sound. Left and right are stills that fade in and out in a uniform rhythm.

Installation view, Center for art and mediatechnology (ZKM) Karlsruhe, 2000

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