Into the Magnetic Fields

One-channel video, 4K to HD, 14:09, 5.1 sound mixture or stereo sound


What waves and signals run through the hybrid landscapes between agricultural use and fallow land? Who passes through them?

Working, traversing, and intervening in the landscape and space meet the atmosphere, the wind, the earth. Posthuman modes of production encounter magnetism and visions of Afrofuturism. The settings of the film include a field in the Lower Rhine region, outer space, a forest in Bad Marienberg, and a research site for migratory birds. Generated voices quoting texts by feminist science fiction author Ursula K. Le Guin, theorist Mark Fisher, artist Lygia Clark, and interviews with foresters and bird researchers form the soundtrack together with music by Dominik Eulberg, Manuela Schininà, Maya Shenfeld, and Tim Tetzner.




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