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In Retrospect

Interview with Sandra Schäfer, Zara Zandieh and a fictive person named MAZY, who combines the opinions and remarks of different persons thematically involved in the SPLICE IN project.
Conducted by Karin Rebbert on 01/21/09

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Cinema, a Private Affair

A History of Afghan Film: On the Film Series SPLICE IN
Bert Rebhandl

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Photo Spread

This photo spread compiles selected pictures from the SPLICE IN and SECOND TAKE festivals. The majority of the photos were taken in Kabul in spring 2008. <

Photos: Jochen Becker, Elfe Brandenburger, Mohammad Reza Hoseini, Sandra Schäfer; Montage: Sandra Schäfer.

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Film festival SECOND TAKE - Gender and Society in Cinema
Kabul 28th April - 2nd May 2008
Mohammad Ali Karimi

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Film Festival SECOND TAKE 


Festival trailer

2008, 1:14 min.

Film talk 25 Darsad / 25 Percent

With the director Diana Saqeb and the parliamentarians Habiba Danesh,
Fozye Kaofi, Sabrina Saqeb
28.04.2008, 20 min.

 Film talk: Ruz-e gar-e ma / Our Times

With the director Rakhshan Bani-Etemad
30.04.2008, 21 min. 


Film Production in Afghanistan

Every Change Engendered Its Own Specific Films

Sandra Schäfer
Interview with Siddiq Barmak and Engineer Latif Ahmadi

The following text is compiled from interviews that I
conducted in July and November 2004 in Kabul and
Nantes with the two Afghan filmmakers Siddiq Barmak ...
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Statements by Afghan Filmmakers

To shed light on the current situation of film production in Afghanistan, we wrote to different filmmakers in January 2009 asking them to respond via email to a catalogue of questions related to the situation of cinema today, to production, reception, training, gender equality etc. You can read both our letter and the answers here.

Letter and Questionnaire
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Statement Shakiba Adil
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Statement Engineer Latif Ahmadi
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Statement Alka Sadat
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Statement Roya Sadat 
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Statement Saba Sahar
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Statement Diana Saqeb
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Statement Malek Shafi'i
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Statement Mohammad Reza Hosaini / Yemak
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