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mazefilm film & gender - politics

turning inward | trading out
30, HD, 2012

The video turning inward | trading out focuses on one urban site: the Iranian Mosque located inside the Ottoman Valide Han caravanserai (inn) in Istanbul’s Fatih district. The title turning inward | trading out refers to the overlapping of the outward bound trade in the Fatih district, and the enclosed space of the Iranian mosque, located in the courtyard of the old caravanserai. The video traces the links, spatial narratives, documents that refer to the overlappings and distancing from the Iranian Revolution in Turkey at the end of the 1970s. I interweave a heterogeneous material to an overall filmic narrative that remains in itself fragmentary. The video was made in collaboration with the Istanbul based journalist Ayse Çavdar.



Installation view at the exhibition the shape of truth changes and shapes the truth, at the exhibition space Depo, Istanbul, 2012